EP 6: Tree Shakers & Jelly Makers – Show Notes

by | Mar 31, 2022

EP 6: Tree Shakers and Jelly Makers

If you’re struggling to get the most out of your team members, there’s something I think you should probably look at. And no, your leadership skills don’t suck, neither are your employees to blame. The problem is you’re probably not seeing the whole picture or how best to use of your employee’s strengths.

All of us are either tree shakers or jelly makers. A tree shaker is the type of person that wakes up every day determined to shake every tree they come across. They believe in opportunities and believe in the mindset that more is good; more leads, more business, more money. It never stops. On the other hand, the jelly maker is the type of person that picks up the fruits dropped by the tree shaker and comes up with a magical jelly recipe. They are somewhat on the perfectionist side and are obsessed with being better and doing better every day.

If you are a leader and get these two types of people in the wrong roles, you are less likely to achieve your leadership goals. Not only will your team members underperform, but your management styles will be questioned by those higher up in authority. In this episode, Seth goes into detail of what tree shakers and Jelly makers mean, why it’s not bad to be either one, and what to do to find your right match so you can experience success in your business.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:23] The Difference Between a Tree Shaker and a Jelly Maker

[05:15] Why Both Tree Shakers and Jelly Makers are Important in Your Organization

[06:21] How to Handle an Extreme Tree Shaker

[09:28] Key Traits of an Extreme Jelly Maker

[10:30] Why Perfectionism is Only a Lack of Flexibility

[13:23] Real World Scenarios of the Jelly Maker Versus the Tree Shaker

[16:31] How to Pair Up a Tree Shaker Weak Jelly Maker

[19:21] What To Do If You’re Too Much of a Jelly Maker or a Tree Shaker

[20:39] Why Sometimes It’s Better to Be Alone Than Stuck with the Wrong Partner

[22:10] The Proper Mindset Shift in Behavioral Profiling

[27:03] The Link Between Speed and Accuracy

[29:30] Parting Thoughts


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