So, Who’s Seth Campbell?

Real estate maverick, industry disruptor, serial entrepreneur, and so much more

Hi, I’m Seth

My professional bio usually starts something like this:

Seth Campbell is an 8-figure serial entrepreneur and the founder of Five Doors Network, an award-winning, industry rocking, network of high-growth real estate teams.

Which is true! I pride myself on almost 20 years disrupting and dominating the real estate industry. And if you scroll a little further, you’ll find a list of accolades I worked very hard to achieve.

But I’d like you to really know who I am, and where I come from, because I believe it’s made all the difference in my life and my career.

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Who Is Seth Campbell

First up, I don’t have a traditional 4 year college degree. In fact, I got my first big break working at McDonald’s! To know me, it’s important to understand that I’ve had my fair share of dirty jobs and I started at the bottom, just like everyone else.

I’m also a husband and father of 5 who’s built his family wanting a fundamentally different and better life for my kids. In fact, breaking negative familial patterns and building generational wealth is one of my deepest passions.

Seth Campbell Real Estate Red Houses

I’m also a CEO, podcaster, tech nerd, and a better than average pellet grill cook.

Beyond that, I’m obsessed with breaking down systems, and building them back up in a way that’s process driven, scalable, and (most importantly) allows the team behind it to live their most meaningful lives.

My main thrill these days comes from sharing all that I’ve learned over the past few decades, through my podcast, speaking, and Five Doors Network. If you’d like to see how you benefit from all I’ve learned, book your Smart Growth Strategy Call today!

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Awards & Achievements

Seth has had a record breaking career…


  • Managed the private McDonald’s restaurant for Olympic Athletes in Salt Lake City


  • The only person in history at the restaurant level to win the Ray Kroc Innovator’s Award for inventing innovative systems (they’re still in use across the world today)


Regional director at one of the largest real estate franchises in the world, growing:

    • Increased the region associate count by over 150%
    • Achieved over 600% increase in owner profit
    • Grew region profit share by over 500%
    • Took the #1 market share spot in Maryland
    • Increased sales to over $7B – all within 4 years
    • Owner of two different businesses concurrently named Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America—twice!


  • Multiple appearances on the Wall Street Journal Top 50 Teams list


  • Owner of the fastest growing launched Keller Williams office, going from 0 to 400 associates in just 36 months


  • Reached $10 million in gross commission income in 48 months as the leader of Five Doors Network


All these achievements culminated in the founding of Five Doors Network, and the total rework of the real estate business to produce even more incredible results while banishing the ever present burnout and stress that dominated. Find more on what makes Five Doors Network different here.

Finding the Why

I know a lot of people in my industry who wear their non-stop work mindset like a badge of honor. Their phone is always on. They are always available. They are always ready and willing to do anything they can to close the deal.

I once wore this same badge. In fact, mine may have been the biggest and shiniest badge of all time. And I don’t think anything has ever dragged me down faster.

After reaching fast and furious levels of success, it nearly took everything from me—my family, my health, and my peace. I learned the hard way that I wasn’t ever going to let those things go, and realigned my priorities.

In time, I was able to change the paradigm, and I’ve never had more lasting and meaningful success. My passion is helping others in my industry shift their paradigm, and find a better and more fulfilling way to build a lucrative business.

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