EP 23 – Navigating The Four Stages Of Training – Show Notes

by | Apr 21, 2022

Ep 23 – Navigating The Four Stages Of Training

Organizations of today invest a lot of time, money, and effort to make sure their employees are properly trained to guarantee the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Unfortunately, even the best training products can not guarantee instant success. You still have to go through several training and development stages before you achieve some of the success you’re aiming for. Think of your first swimming lessons or the initial stages of learning how to ride a bike. The first few attempts almost made you give up, yet now you find it so easy you’ve forgotten how you learned it in the first place. The same applies to training in organizations.

Your team members will go through four stages of training, all based on the premise that before a learning experience begins, learners are unaware of what or how much they know (unconscious incompetence). As their learning progresses, they move through three more states until they reach a stage of unconscious competence, similar to riding a bike.

Are you preparing to scale? Are you trying to scale and are stuck? Stop beating yourself too much. Oftentimes, it’s your team that needs the attention. In this episode, Seth goes over the four stages of training and how they are absolutely critical to scaling your business. Listen in for deeper insights into each training stage and learn how you can start applying these strategies immediately.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:02] The Three Legs of a Successful Business

[03:20] The Three-Legged Race: Operations, Sales, and Finance

[05:47] What Happens When One Leg in The Three-Legged Race Lags?

[08:58] How Sales Problems Can Lead to the Demise of an Organization

[10:45] When to Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

[14:30] How and When to Be Aggressive and Take More Risks in Business

[17:45] The Benefits of Having Your Finances in Order

[20:20] Internal Spin and Illusion: What is it and Why Should You Care

[22:19] The Relationship Between People Culture and Business Success

[23:45] Why Businesses Need to Innovate Around Their Main Flywheels

[25:20] Success is All About Scaling What Initially Gave You Success

[27:02] Parting Thoughts


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