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EP 4: The Hero Always Dies – Show Notes

Ep4 - The Hero Always Dies I want you to think about your first job from the very first day at the office to the moment you got a promotion. If you are like most people, you probably have a well-defined picture of what got you that promotion. And if you’re keen...

What’s Causing The New Real Estate Market Boom?

If you haven't heard, the real estate market is in a massive uptrend. More people than ever are looking for homes, and this, combined with other factors, has led to a record year for almost all real estate markets. As a result, a lot of people see home prices rising...

How To Establish Your Real Estate Niche

For real estate agents, marketing and establishing a real estate niche is more important right now than it ever has been before. If you are in the real estate game, you know that the competition is hitting an all-time high, and you have to find ways to be creative in...

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