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4 Ways To Market Your Coaching Program

It is time to learn how to market your coaching program! Now that you have launched your new career or side hustle, the most essential part of growing your business is marketing. There are several different ways to market your coaching program, all of which have their...

EP 9: The Science Of Execution, Part II – Show Notes

Episode 9: The Science Of Execution - Part II Let me start by painting a picture that most leaders can relate to. You build a team, and the first thing you do is come up with strategic objectives that all team members agree must be complete by the end of the...

EP 5: You and I Are Good, You And The Role Are Not Good – Show Notes

Episode 5: You And I Are Good, You And The Role Are Not If you've ever had to deal with an employee's performance issues, you will know how uncomfortable it can be for the both of you. And since no one wants to feel uncomfortable, most managers allow the...

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