EP 25 – The Three Most Important Skills You NEED To Scale – Show Notes

by | Jul 5, 2022

Ep 25 – The Three Most Important Skills You NEED To Scale

If you’re like most successful business owners, you’ve probably gotten to a place where it felt like you’ve got it all worked out. The business is growing, new clients or orders are streaming in, and there’s more than enough to keep you busy. And because you’re smart, you don’t get too carried away by the success. Instead, you start thinking about scaling your business. But there’s a problem; you don’t know where to start.

First, you need to understand that, although used interchangeably, there’s a big difference between growing and scaling a business. Growth occurs when a company invests new resources into the business, and its revenue increases as a result. Scaling, on the other hand, means increasing profit margins and growing your revenues by finding ways to be more efficient.

If you’re unsure about the skills you need to scale your business, this episode has got you covered.

Inspired by a conversation with his oldest son when he was young, Seth shares the three most important skills you need to learn to scale any business. Learning these three skills mitigates business risks by ensuring that the foundational operations supporting long-term growth are up and running.


What You’ll Learn:

[00:56] Introduction

[02:10] Is There a Limit to How Much Money You Can Make in Business?

[02:36] Want to Scale Your Business? Hone Your Sales Skills

[05:30] The Fundamental Desire of All Business Owners

[06:40] How to Stop Trading Time For Money

[08:01] Hiring Skills and Why They Are So Important

[09:48] Yes, It’s Possible to Multiply Time

[16:41] Leadership Skills For Sustainable Business Growth

[17:43] Leadership Myths Debunked

[20:09] What’s In Your Leadership Toolbox?

[24:48] The Result of Mastering Your Hiring and Leadership Skills

[27:38] Parting Thoughts

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