EP 5: You and I Are Good, You And The Role Are Not Good – Show Notes

by | Mar 31, 2022

Episode 5: You And I Are Good, You And The Role Are Not

If you’ve ever had to deal with an employee’s performance issues, you will know how uncomfortable it can be for the both of you. And since no one wants to feel uncomfortable, most managers allow the non-performance to continue as if it will take care of itself or disappear into thin air. But here’s the problem; non-performance will never go away, nor will it ever take care of itself unless you as a manager step up and get out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve noticed one of your employees is not living up to job expectations, the key is to focus on potential solutions rather than leading with problems. How can you do that? First, be specific and clear about the problem so that your employee understands what’s going on. Encouraging words are okay to share, but the employee needs to have a clear take-home message on how to change and improve the situation.

I get it, most managers don’t deal with performance issues because they don’t want to be the bearers of ‘bad news.’ And sometimes the employee might not necessarily be the issue; they are probably stuck in the wrong role. In this episode, Seth dives into the challenges leaders face when addressing performance issues and the best cause of action when dealing with an employee struggling to meet their goals.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:01] How to Address Employee Performance Issues
[03:30] Why Employee Performance Issues are Always the Manager’s Fault
[05:10] Are You Really A Good Manager to an Underperforming Employee?
[06:30] How to Measure Qualitative Performance Indicators
[09:20] Why You Need Clarity When Setting and Tracking Goals with an Underperforming Employee
[10:10] The First Step Towards Addressing Employee Performance Issues
[12:50] When to Give an Underperforming Employee More Time
[15:55] The Right Person for the Wrong Role
[23:50] The Only Time You’re Allowed to Question the Set Expectations From a Particular Role
[25:26] Why Leaders Avoid Performance Conversations


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