Leadership Styles: Which One Fits You?

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by | Aug 7, 2021

Leadership styles are slowly defining companies and organizations. While leadership in general is a popular topic, people are beginning to focus more on how the styles the great leaders use. If you read online, many people will tell you that the leader’s personality falls into one typical archetype. However, through our work with hundreds of high-performing leaders, we found several different leadership styles, and each one can be effective. So, what leadership style are you? This guide will break down the major leadership styles so you can find exactly where you fit!

The Vocal Leader

You are someone who goes straight to the point. Rather than taking the time to build trust and rapport with others before sharing your ideas, you are typically the person who jumps into the conversation first, asserting your beliefs on whatever the topic may be. Why you should like this: Vocal leaders are self-confident and take action in their lives. They are assertive and know how to get what they want and do so effectively. You may tend to get stuck on your beliefs and try to use logical arguments to prove them. When it comes to your belief systems, you like to have firm answers to anything you talk about.

The vocal leader has success because people trust others who are confident in their voice. So, if you find yourself motivating with words and excelling in getting a team excited, you may be a vocal leader.

Lead By Example

Leading by example can be a powerful leadership type if used correctly. While most managers or coaches will tell you to lead by example, it’s often very challenging for people to see that example if you are not standing in front of them. In addition, many people don’t like to take directions from leaders they feel are not doing the work themselves, which is why leading by example can be so effective.

This style of leadership has undeniable power. We often see it in sports, when the best player on the team also works the hardest. Most people can understand this, but it can be incredibly difficult to show that you’re the leader if you are not doing it vocally in some settings. The leaders we work with have successfully used this leadership style to get their people to perform better in a work setting where the leader is of similar rank as the followers.

The Coach

The coach is a natural connector, using her relationships with others to help the business and team. They are a good teacher, motivating people to develop their talents and teaching them how to be the best at what they do. Being a coach isn’t something that needs to be learned on the job; in fact, most coaches have started out as consultants. Leaders who seek to become coaches use different methods than other leaders. A good coach will make sure that they give people enough space to grow in their own areas and are also motivated to perform. Building a community of high-performing employees can be a powerful tactic used by the coach.

If you find yourself liking to teach and guide the overall plan, your leadership type might be the coach.

Different Leadership Styles

When trying to achieve a greater sense of personal and professional success, knowing your leadership style can be key to ensuring that you do what you need to do to advance the outcomes you are seeking. Find out your leadership style by checking out our informative overview. For more information on various leadership styles, check out our other leadership posts.

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