3 Steps To Starting An Online Coaching Program

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by | Jan 14, 2022

How To Start an Online Coaching Program:

Have you ever wondered how to start an online coaching program by yourself? The internet is quickly shifting the economy and empowering individuals to turn their knowledge and experience into coaching programs. With the recent explosion in online coaches, it can be hard to sort through all the material and decide how to make a coaching program of your own.

A lot of people have the knowledge and experience to launch their own program but simply lack the guidelines and framework to give them the confidence to take the next step forward. Here is a 4 step quick start guide on how to start an online coaching program.

Define your Coaching Niche

Before you even think about how to start an online coaching program, you need to know what niche of coaching you want to specialize in.

The first step of the process is defining your purpose and using that to define a niche. Your niche will dictate how your program is structured and what type of clients you’re looking for. Think about what your strengths and passions are and what knowledge and experience you have that others don’t. You want to be able to offer a different perspective or insight on a topic than others in the industry.

There are many different types of coaching niches: health, fitness, relationships, spirituality, etc. Whatever your niche is, write it down as it’ll come into play later on. Once you have a niche, make a very detailed outline of the exact client you want to serve. This will be your customer avatar and serve as the basis for your marketing strategy for how to start your online coaching program.

Create Your Offer

The next step is you need to create your offer. The offer is the entire package of value you are selling to the customer. This could be a cyber course, an introduction call, or even an 8 week coaching program. Your offer needs to be specific and detailed. You should look to boost your offer in any way possible and add as much value to the customer as possible. It should include what the customer will gain from the course, how long it will take them to complete it, and how much they can expect to pay.

There are books, articles, and workshops directly on offer creation, and you should use all the materials available to you in order to construct the best offer possible.

Decide On Platform To Sell Offer

The next step is deciding the specific platform you want to sell your offer with. There are plenty of tools to help you with this, including ClickFunnels, Kajabi, and more marketing automation tools. If you are selling a course, you will need a different platform than if you are selling a 97$ consulting call. The key is building out the funnel and system that can sell your offer and convert your potential traffic into clients. Many freelancers and agencies exist to help you build out this stage.

Start Selling Your Offer With Ads Or Organically

When you first start promoting your offer, start with your own following. Send a detailed offer email to everyone you know that may be interested. Even if you do not think you have a large enough following, do everything you can to push the offer out and get data on if the offer is converting with your dream customer. Post it relentlessly on all of your social medias.

Once you have either proven your offer or exhausted your ability to gather data with organic traffic, it is time to throw fuel on the fire with paid ads. These can be done on social media platforms and should primarily focus on Facebook/Instagram.  You will use ads to generate as many leads as possible, then convert these ads into clients using your funnel. Make sure to track this ad data and always be optimizing.

Now you have everything you need to know how start a coaching program! While the steps may seem simple, they certainty are not easy. However, coaching is one of the most rewarding fields you can pursue, and the hard work will be well worth it!

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