How To Become A Life Coach

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by | Aug 7, 2021

Want to learn how to become a life coach? To become a life coach, you need to learn some skills that will allow you to help your clients and lead them to results. The skills that are required for a life coach break down into two main categories. The first are skills needed to actually coach people in a positive, impactful way. The second is marketing and sales skills to book clients and advertise your services.

The first set of skills involves communication, motivation, and the ability to connect with people. An aspiring life coach can learn to listen to people and help them by listening to their needs and walking them through solutions. After sharpening your coaching skills, it will be time to pick a niche and move forward with developing a coaching program.
This article will help you walk through how to pick a niche, develop your coaching program, and book your first clients.

Picking a Niche and Developing a Coaching Program

The first step to launching your own coaching career is picking a niche that you want to serve. You can choose a niche by narrowing down on the market you want to serve or selecting a topic or focus. For example, you might decide to focus on coaching middle-aged moms, or you might focus on coaching couples who need help with their relationships. Next, pick a niche you know well and feel you will significantly impact your clients.

Life coaches have numerous opportunities available to them, but developing a coaching program becomes much easier when you focus on a niche. This first step is mapping out exactly how you want to deliver your coaching. For example, will it be one-on-one, or will it be in a group setting? Group coaching allows for less work on the part of the coach but usually comes at a lower price to the client than one-on-one coaching calls. Learning how to become a life coach can seem overwhelming at first, and group coaching can help keep your program organized.

After picking your format, you will want to develop a general framework to take your clients through. Think of it as a lesson plan. You will create several lessons that you can use to take your clients through. This will be easy to implement in group coaching, but you may need to be more flexible to clients for one-on-one coaching. Using your lesson plan, you will want to develop a payment structure for your clients. Will they be paying you monthly? Yearly? Hourly? Set these expectations upfront so that your client knows exactly what payments are due when. Having a solid foundation at this point sets up for less stress in the future.

Booking Clients

Now comes the fun part, booking your first client! While this can be a nervous process, it is essential to remember that you have done the work needed to help your client achieve a specific result. So be confident in your coaching ability and go rock it! You have learned how to become a life coach, so it is now time to put it into action.

The best way to book your first client is to be honest and offer a steep discount. Let them know that you are just starting yet have a ton of value to offer. Then, if they give you a chance, you will work with them for very cheap, under the agreement that if they like your services, they will provide you with a testimonial and review. You can then use this testimonial to market to other platforms and book more clients!

How To Become A Life Coach in 2021

When selling your prospect on working with you, be sure to highlight the results they will achieve by working with you in specific. The more trust they have in your ability to deliver the result, the more likely they will accept your lack of experience. For more marketing tips regarding your coaching program, check out our new post, “5 Ways To Market Your Coaching Program”.

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