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by | Mar 28, 2022

Ep3 – The Workplace Love Triangle

First off, don’t let the title deceive you. This is not what you think, and there’s certainly no romance involved. My question for you today is this: how good is your relationship with members of your team? Do they trust you, do they confide in you, or do they think of you as just another executive that doesn’t give a hoot about employee wellbeing? I am of the belief that leaders need to build relationships with their direct reports, across teams, and with top-tier executives in order to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency. However, these relationships don’t just happen by fluke; they demand insight and effort to be mutually beneficial. And they also require high levels of trust for them to be effective.

That said, what happens when you’ve developed that trust and then a team member hits you with the “Can I tell you something in confidence” question? How do you react? How do you manage the situation when the matter at hand could potentially ruin the organization? I understand that, as humans, we are naturally curious beings. So the first instinct is to want to know what the issue is all about. However, that’s usually not your best move when someone asks to tell you something in confidence. You are better off managing the situation first before stepping into the nitty-gritty of the matter at hand.

In today’s episode, we go through how the more effective leaders manage relationships within their organization in ways the books and classes neglect to teach. Come learn from real world scenarios and scripts for how to handle one of the most deadly questions a leader can be asked… “Can I tell you something in confidence?”

What You’ll Learn:

[00:45] The Birth of the Workplace Love Triangle
[02:44] Leadership Fundamentals: As Your Responsibilities Increase, Your Rights Decrease
[07:50] The Core Fundamentals of Leadership
[09:00] How to Set Boundaries When Handling Workplace Love Triangles
[12:23] The Only Time You Should Ask for More Details in the Workplace Triangle
[18:31] Why I’m a Huge Advocate of Having a Conversation Before Everything Else
[24:45] Parting Thoughts

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