EP 21: Leading Groups Effectively To Scale; Part II: The 20/60/20 Rule – Show Notes

by | Apr 21, 2022

EP 21: Leading Groups Effectively To Scale; Part II: The 20/60/20 Rule

In Part One of this series, we uncovered the best team alignment hacks with 1 core truth and 5 key rules you need to follow. In Part Two, we’ll go a step further and explore the 20/60/20 rule of leadership.

If you’ve been in any leadership position, you’ll have noticed that, for the most part, your team members can be subdivided into three categories. Roughly about 20% of them will form the high achievers who do everything right and drive revenue for the organization. The second 20% of the people are the low performers; they don’t want or at least don’t try to improve their outcomes and often cause the most trouble in an organization. Finally, the remaining 60% will be on the fence, doing enough just to get by. The good thing about this last group is that with focused attention and genuine interest in their input, it should be fairly easy to move them over into the positive category.

Effective leadership in all organizations is all about knowing how to maximize your time to generate the best results. This is why the 20/60/20 principle is a great tool to determine how, where, and with whom to spend that time to generate the biggest impact on your organization. Follow along to learn how to avoid burnout and manage larger teams with less time by using this battle-tested, tactical model.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:05] Leading Groups Effectively to Scale

[03:35] Consequences of Implementing the Wrong Leadership Model

[04:50] Understanding the 20/60/20 Rule

[06:22] The Key Pillars of Scaling Any Business

[08:30] How to Incorporate the 20/60/20 Rule Into Your Organization

[11:20] The Difference Between the Top and Bottom 20% of Your Team

[12:35] The Middle 60% and the Path of Least Resistance

[14:20] Why You Never Want to Treat Your Top and Bottom Performers Equally

[16:14] One-on-one and Group Training Sessions in the 20/60/20 Rule

[17:17] The Benefits of Removing Friction For Your Top Performers

[20:30] Communicate and Train to Retain Top Performing Employees

[22:07] How to Conduct Group Meeting with the Middle 60%

[24:50] One-on-one Meetings with the Bottom 20%

[28:57] Parting Thoughts


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