EP 20: Leading Groups Effectively for Scale; Part I: Vectors – Show Notes

by | Apr 5, 2022

Episode 20: Leading Groups Effectively for Scale; Part I: Vectors

Elon Musk recently described people as vectors within an organization. And while people essentially can’t be vectors, the analogy perfectly illustrates the difficult task every leader has of overseeing employees. Think of it this way: all members of any given team are vectors with both direction and magnitude. When all vectors work in precisely the same direction, their magnitudes are added to each other and, therefore, can scale faster. When there’s some degree of deviation among the team members, then the variations minimize efficiency and impact the maximum amount of productivity that could be achieved.

If you’re leading a large team, you probably have to handle several vectors all at once. Leading large teams can be exhausting, especially when trying to scale. In part one of this three-part series, Seth goes through the 5 Key Rules you need to follow when trying to effectively scale your team. He also shares the right tactics to get your team back in alignment and focused on growth, no matter how big your ambitions might be.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:00] Leading Groups Effectively for Scale

[03:40] Every Person in Your Company is a Vector

[04:35] The Definition of a Vector From an Organizational Perspective

[05:40] Are Your Team Members Moving Towards the Same Goal?

[06:52] Why Leaders Need to Understand the Principle of Alignment

[07:20] What’s Your Leadership Position?

[10:53] How to Lead From the Side

[12:57] Communication is About Giving Instructions

[15:26] The Lost Sheep Rule in Business

[18:50] Meetings Are Not For Entertainment; They Are For Alignment

[19:45] How to Conduct Reviews and Updates on Your Mission

[20:17] The Science of Motivation and Goal Setting

[22:10] The Leading Cause of Burnout and Exhaustion in High-Performing Teams


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