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by | Mar 28, 2022

Ep2 – The Big Picture of Leadership

“Leadership is a journey, not a destination.” I know you’ve heard this quote millions of times, and misused it so many times that now it’s somewhat of a cliche. But at its core, nothing could be further from the truth. Leadership is indeed a journey, and the moment you embrace the journey and the different bridges you’ll have to cross, the better leader you’ll eventually become.

Furthermore, great leadership is not something that just happens to you. People don’t just wake up one morning and suddenly go from being ordinary team members to exceptional leaders. It doesn’t work like that. For the most part, leadership is a journey with clearly defined steps and stages. In each one of these steps, you need to build knowledge, experience, and strategies that will be critical for your stay once you go up another step. Unfortunately, just because you have mastered one leadership stage doesn’t necessarily mean that you will succeed in the next. The skills and experience required for the next phase of leadership can be completely different from those at the previous level.

The good news is that we can all be leaders. But to be a true successful leader, you have to be willing to be vulnerable enough to throw away what worked at the previous level of your leadership journey. You also have to be ready to continually develop and master new skills along the journey. If you’re too rigid and want to stick with what worked at your previous leadership level, you are going to struggle. But if you’re open to understanding big picture leadership, tune in as Seth Campbell breaks down the process he takes his clients through to discover what their leadership journey looks like and the big picture overview of how the most successful empires and businesses are built.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:20] The Acceptable Definition of Leadership
[03:50] The Path to Ultimate Leadership
[05:40] Why Goals Are The Starting Point of All Leadership Journeys
[09:00] The Essential Skills in Strategic Leadership
[10:10] The Pros and Cons of Obsessive Learning
[12:35] The Five Pillars of Life and Business Success
[15:10] Why You Need to be Crystal Clear About Your KPIs
[18:10] Effective Strategies on How and Where to Source Top Talent
[19:20] Meaningful Leadership Evaluation Frameworks
[21:45] The Real Reason Why Most People Struggle Down the Leadership Path
[23:30] The Achievement Cycle
[26:30] Parting Thoughts


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