EP 14: The Great Quit – Show Notes

by | Apr 5, 2022

Episode 14: The Great Quit

We live in very interesting times. First, the pandemic came and caused havoc to almost every industry worldwide. Jobs were lost, businesses were closed down, and dreams were shattered. With all that, you would expect people to be flooding back to their jobs now that the restrictions are slowly being lifted. However, what we’re seeing is the exact opposite. People are resigning from their jobs in numbers never witnessed before in history. Why is that, and how can leaders navigate the great resignation posing a threat to business growth?

One of the major drivers for the Great Resignation appears to be that most workers are no longer willing to put up with the working conditions/pay they received prior to the pandemic. Further, the restrictions gave people the chance to reevaluate their work, priorities, and aspirations in life.

The Great Resignation is definitely not welcome news for leaders and business owners. We all want access to top talent but can’t do that when most of them are quitting. However, I believe the Great Quit can be a positive thing for your business. How, you ask? Tune in as Seth goes through the reasons for the great quit and how you can make the most out of the ever-decreasing talent pool.


What You’ll Learn:

[00:28] The Great Quit

[03:15] The Pendulum Swing: Generational Differences at the Workplace

[05:55] When the Pendulum Snaps at the Workplace

[07:10] Leadership is About Teaching People How to Think

[08:25] Opportunities During a Recession

[11:20] Why Business Partnerships are Almost the Same as Marriages

[15:30] Short-Term Gains for Long-Term Sell-Outs

[18:00] How to Avoid Dual Motivation When Talking About Business Partnerships

[20:25] Winner Takes All: The Great Consolidation

[22:30] How to Get Rid of Fear and Take Advantage of Opportunities

[23:04] Stick to Your Mission But Be Flexible With Your Plan

[26:45] Fear of the Unknown and The Great Quit

[28:30] Parting Thoughts


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