EP 13: I Owe You An Apology – Show Notes

by | Apr 5, 2022

Episode 13: I Owe You An Apology

I know I’m treading dangerous waters with today’s topic, but I think it’s time we addressed this issue that’s slowly creeping into today’s work environment. Cancel Culture! Cancel culture is a practice that’s gaining popularity in today’s generation where people withdraw support for people (especially public figures) or companies for acts most people deem wrong. When someone has been “canceled,” it essentially means they cease to exist. And while most of the canceling happens on social media, unfortunately, cancel culture is alive and well in the workplace. Yes, cancel culture had already made its way into the office.

But where does all this start, and why should we as leaders care? First, Millennials and Gen Z will form a vast majority of tomorrow’s workforce. Their different perspectives in life and the rise of the “triggered mentality” demand a different type of leadership that’s patient and is not too quick to judge.

Listen in as Seth talks about cancel culture, how our beliefs trigger responses that may or may not result in favorable reactions, and what those reactions mean for our relationships.


What You’ll Learn:

[02:20] The Single Most Damaging Mindset of Today’s Generation

[04:08] Stats on Mental Health and Suicide Rates During the Pandemic

[06:50] Cancel Culture in Today’s Society

[07:48] The “Triggered” Generation

[09:20] The Plumbline of Truth

[11:25] Circular Arguments and Absolute Truths

[14:15] How Leaders Can Adapt to Handling Employees From Different Generations

[16:30] How to Separate the Human From The Action

[17:50] Great Leaders Judge the Action and Not The Person Responsible for the Action

[22:20] The “Triggered” Mentality at The Workplace

[24:19] The World Will Not Conform to Your Beliefs and Triggers

[30:40] Identity Statement Versus Activity Statement

[32:21] Leadership 101: Love the Person You’re Mad At

[35:25] Parting Thoughts


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