EP 12: Can You Hear Me Now? – Show Notes

by | Mar 31, 2022

Episode 12: Can You Hear Me Now?

Communication is an integral part of both life and business. It’s how emotions are transferred, ideas are built, and relationships are formed. Leaders who develop their communication skills can improve all aspects of their leadership while maximizing their team’s agility and productivity. However, sometimes communication can be complicated, especially in today’s diverse work environments. That said, the one thing I’ve noticed in most organizations is that misunderstandings often occur due to the presence of different communication styles. Unfortunately, not many leaders can identify these communication styles in their organizations.

Here’s the thing; poor communication can be detrimental to all types of relationships. In the workplace, the stakes are higher because now people’s source of livelihood is involved. The bad news is that it’s often too late before leaders identify communication breakdowns in their organizations. The good news is that there are only two communication styles you need to know about to improve your leadership outcomes.

In this episode, Seth discusses common communication failures in and outside the workplace. He also goes through the two listening and speaking styles you need to know about to improve your communication to achieve greater levels of success.


What You’ll Learn:

[01:20] What is Effective Communication?

[02:01] The Difference Between Inferential and Direct Communication

[03:05] Are you a Direct Speaker or an Inferential Speaker?

[05:25] The Contrast Between Direct Listener and Inferential Speaker

[09:02] How to Improve Your Relationships Both at Work and at Home

[09:55] The Combination of a Direct Speaker and a Direct Listener

[11:05] Why Gratitude is Important in a Direct Speaker & Direct Listener Relationship

[12:43] Direct Speaker and Inferential Listener Type of Relationship

[14:02] Understanding the Third Entity Concept

[16:00] Inferential Speaker and Inferential Listener: What to Expect

[19:23] The Combination of an Inferential Speaker and a Direct Listener

[20:38] Every Complaint is an Unfulfilled Request

[23:40] Parting Thoughts


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