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Seth Campbell Coaching

Seth Campbell is a highly regarded, in-demand, national trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant on leadership and business.

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Become Your Best With The Best.

He is one of the most sought out instructors on team building, leadership, and wealth creation in the world. Notorious for predicting market trends well before they happen, Seth will guide you in creating the life and business of your dreams. See details about Seth Campbell coaching here:

Who He Teaches

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Team Leaders
  • Executives
  • Coaches
  • Business Owners

What He Teaches

  • Leadership
  • Wealth Building
  • Real Estate
  • Business Growth & Development
  • Mindset

How Training With Seth Works

Phase 1:

These sessions tend to be a bit longer and last for about the first three months of coaching. During that time you will work on clarifying and developing the following:

Long and short term goals of your life and business

Organizational charts and job profiles

Metrics and standards

Business plan with financial expert input

Hiring processes and support

Phase 2:

Once you’ve moved into Phase II,  you’ll work on the more detailed tasks such as:

Lead flow and conversion

Business mapping to identify automation and software expense reduction opportunities

Dashboard design for your CEO and other key players

Overall accountability and systems processes


Seth Campbell Coaching

Coaching with Seth is currently through private selection only due to his limited schedule. Please apply below and our team will reach out to you.

Who Is Seth Campbell?

Beginning his career in the largest restaurant company in the world, McDonald’s, Seth quickly climbed the ladder shattering records across the industry for sales, growth, profitability. Seth’s obsession with leadership, vision, innovation and efficiency was born.

Gathering incredible experiences like being asked to manage the private restaurant for the Olympic Athletes in Salt Lake City to being the only person in McDonald’s history at the restaurant level to win the Ray Kroc Innovator’s Award for inventing new systems that are still in use across the world today.

Following his entrepreneurial spirit, Seth came into real estate as a licensed agent with a sole purpose of building a business using proven models, systems, and tools. 


Within 3 years, Seth Campbell Realty Group was a self-sustaining sales team with over 200 annual transactions. Seth’s results within the real estate sales arena combined with his outspoken leadership within the real estate community earned him the opportunity to become the Maryland/DC Regional Director for a nationwide real estate franchise 2012. In just four years under Seth’s leadership, the region grew by over 150% in the number of associates, by over 600% in owner profit, and by over 500% in profit share, while taking the #1 market share spot and growing sales to over $7B.

In 2013 while simultaneously overseeing the region, Seth founded the Five Doors Network – which quickly became a top 5 expansion sales team in the country achieving over $10M in Gross Commission Income annually. First Runner Up for the Inman Innovator Award, has ranked on the Wall Street Journal Top Teams List each year. 

At the same time, he became the Operating Principal for a new real estate brokerage franchise in Maryland. Under his leadership and equipped with the mission of transforming lives through real estate, this brokerage became the fastest growing launch in history of this franchise going from 0-400 associates in 36 months. Within 48 months, it became the #1 real estate office of any company by market share in the entire State of Maryland.

Seth is one of the only people in U.S. history to be the owner of two different businesses that were concurrently named Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America… twice!

He is a highly regarded, in-demand, national trainer, speaker, coach and consultant on leadership and business. To live his mission of helping others change their family tree, he formed CFE Strategies… a consulting, training, coaching company that provides modern strategies, automation, and software solutions for people who want to scale. Learn more about Seth Campbell coaching above!

Recognition & Awards


Inc. 5000 fastest growing privately held company in America each year eligible 2018, 2019


In 2018, named as #113 of the top 500 fastest-growing, privately held companies in America by Inc. 500. In the same year, Real Trends / Wall Street Journal ranked Five Doors is the #10 team in the WORLD for all companies!!


1st Runner Up Inman Innovators Award


featured as a case study with DotLoop, Top Real Estate Team Grows to $10M in Revenue, and Boomtown, How To Expand Your Business Into A Real Estate Empire.


Wall Street Journal top 50 team every single year of existence

Learn More: Seth Campbell In Real Estate

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