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3 Ways To Increase Your Home Value


by | Oct 25, 2021

When you own a home, there is always the possibility of doing certain repairs and or renovations that could potentially increase your home value. People approach this in several different ways, and there is even a whole suite of shows on TV about flipping houses and increasing their value. However, if you look at the majority of houses that increase their home value, it is done through the same basic system and process.

While it may seem simple, for anyone who has ever worked on a house, you know that is not the case! Some of the changes are small, but the impact it can have are well worth your time and effort. Here are three ways to increase your home value:

Increase Your Home Value – Make Your Home Bigger

The first step to making your home worth more is to increase the size and make it bigger. People approach their home’s exterior in different ways. Some will go for the idea of “New Construction” where they build an additional room onto the house, or even a guest house. Others will go for possibly blowing out a wall and extending a room to make it larger, or possibly to remake the floorplan into a more desirable one.

The bottom line is that when houses get sold, a lot of the price has to do with square footage. If you can increase the size of your house, you can try to command more value.

Add New Technology

Homeowners are always looking to increase their home value by incorporating new technology that is within their budget. The best option for adding this technology is to find a system that can make the house “smart” where the house works together. This smart technology can do things like control lights, control electronics, set the temperature, and more.

If your house is up to date with the latest technology, it can prove a strong selling point for realtors to use and shows the modern feel of the house. The perception that increased modern technology brings can help your house live up to the higher price you want to aim for and increase your home value.

Touch Up All Aesthetics

You could spend all day repainting a room or maybe changing out some faucets, but those little repairs and upgrades are very easy, inexpensive, and have a big impact on your home’s value. Unless it’s a real fixer-upper, your house does not need a makeover, more likely just small changes.

However, there is always something to do, especially if you want to sell your house! Remodeling is very common in certain areas, but even a simple paint job or even some new trim can have an incredible impact on the value of your house. Look for little things, like door handles and locks, led lights under the sinks, and more that will turn your house from average to extraordinary!

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