Staying in God’s Will

The thought of staying in God’s will is a subject that has, and will be, preached, debated, and worried about for Christians for as long as there are Christians.  It’s a constant conversation especially around quitting or starting a job, making a move, getting in or out of a relationship.  It’s a subject even the most highly trained theologians sometimes avoid because of the complexity of it.  This idea that the enemy is constantly working to pull us out of God’s will, and if we take the bait, we are bound for some real struggles.  While it’s true the enemy does prowl around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8), personally, I believe we give the enemy more credit for the ability to take us out of God’s will than we give God credit for the ability to keep us in His will.  The Bible is literally filled with stories of people who went left when God commanded right and God wove it into good for His glory.  I see our Father as the Master Weaver building an amazing tapestry with all of our choices, and the tapestry is His will, His design, for His glory.  I once heard it said that we view God’s will as this tiny little speck on a wall that we feel like we must hit exactly or we have slid out of His will, and the truth is… the entire room is His will and we are in the room!  So relax and believe that God’s ability to keep you in His will is much stronger than your ability or the enemy’s ability to take you out of it.  He is weaving your life into the tapestry He desires and constantly shaping you in the process.  

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