Overcoming the “F Word…”

Failure is a force that cripples even the most successful person.  Here are three steps to overcoming failure and unlocking your full potential:

Here is something I recently shared with the Five Doors Network.

  1. What’s your relationship with Failure?

Simply put, failure = ________ in your mind instinctively.  You get to choose.  Does failure = pain, problems, setback, connected to my identity – who I am (worst of all)?  Or does failure = growth, learning, closer to goal, teachable moment.  You must fix this first.  Nothing else will change until your relationship with failure changes.  Like all things, first catch yourself and control your second response and eventually it will turn into your first reaction.  How do you know which side you are on?  Look at your movement.  At the point of failure, do you move away from what you were doing or move closer to it.  That’s the indicator of your true relationship with failure.

     2.  Go HIGHER


At the ground level, you’re in it and in pain.  Go to 100ft, crossing into gratitude, and think of the other parts of your life that aren’t in failure.  Hey, I have my eyes to see… I live in a great country of freedom… I woke up this morning still breathing!  Still not enough?  Cross the “others wall”  and go to the 1,000ft view.  My aunt is going through cancer treatment now, my thing is nothing compared to that.  My friend lost their child and overcame that pain, this is so tiny compared to that kind of pain.  Still not enough?  Go to 10,000ft and think of people in the world overcoming much more than your failure.  Kids who have nothing to eat… people overcoming genocide… THAT is true adversity and certainly puts our trouble in a much smaller perspective.  Finally, you can go to the highest 30,000ft level and remember the historical people that have overcome much more.  Ghandi, Mandela, Holocaust, slavery.  Now you are so high up, your troubles are nothing more than a tiny speck compared to the overcoming power of some powerful people.  Typically, your struggle with failure will be long gone before you get here.

3.  Go WIDER


You’re in it now, it’s all you see.  Because this moment, this call, this conversation is a failure, does that mean the whole hour is a failure?  Maybe.  If this hour is a failure, does that mean the whole day is a failure?  Probably not, but maybe.  If this whole day is a failure, does that mean this whole week is shot?  Probably not, but maybe.  If this whole week was a failure, does that make my entire month a failure?  Probably not, but maybe.  If my whole month was a failure, does that make my entire year a failure??  Surely not, but maybe.  If my ENTIRE year was a failure, does that make this decade a total failure??  Come on, but maybe.  Even if this entire decade was a failure, does that mean my life is a failure.  Absolutely not, and never has been for anyone.  Even people in jail for longer than a decade can transform their lives to a thing of beautiful success behind bars.

Putting it all together is the highest point of persistence.


  1. Get your relationship with failure right.
  2. Go higher!  Get past gratitude, get deeper into the green passing the “others wall.”
  3. Go wider at the same time by focusing on your long term mission and you’ll easily jump past the red/danger zone, and leap into the green zone, unlocking your potential, playing in the zone of the most persistent, successful, world changing people on the planet. 


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3 thoughts on “Overcoming the “F Word…”

  1. Wow, reading Rising Strong and just took notes that fall right in line with this! Interesting!!

  2. This is excellent! Recently, I was going through a very difficult custody battle with my son, that we lost. I did use the going higher model to push out of my pain, and feelings of failure, and loss of control. But this article, brings awareness and consciousness to my experience. Enabling me to change my feelings about personal failures, and the ability to choose empowerment in the darkest of moments. Thank you!!.

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