How Does a Christian Stop Worrying?  

As Christians, we believe we are saved by Christ and going to Heaven because of who He is and what He did to pay the penalty for our sin.  Since we are under grace and going to Heaven, it’s important for us to keep a Christian perspective on worry.  I know it’s difficult, it is for all of us, yet Jesus was clear on worry and the Father’s care for us.  One of the perspectives that help me in times of crisis or worry is to think about the timeline.  When I remind myself of eternity… thousands, millions, billions of years… in paradise, it’s hard to freak out about the crisis of the moment.  One visual I use, that I’ve drawn out for you here, is this life timeline.  I know I’ll be here for between 40-100+ years.  I know I’ll be in paradise for infinite years and that is guaranteed.  How then, can I possibly freak out about anything happening here?  I’m not sure I’ll even remember this current crisis 100 million years into paradise, right?  Being a Christian allows us to truly relax and trust God because we are on His timeline.  We already know the last chapter in the book, and it’s paradise, we just don’t know the next few chapters before that.  It’s kinda like when you’ve already seen the happy end of a movie, you don’t stress when it looks like the hero isn’t going to make it early on because you know they are smiling at the end.  That’s the life Jesus has made for us.  Just remember… our years here are very short on the total timeline of our lives so there’s nothing that could happen here which really is big enough to worry about.  

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